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Journey Into The Workplace

2nd September, 2018

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Following up to my last post, I was indeed successful in landing a junior position at a web development company, marking the beginning of my journey as a professional developer.

These past two weeks have been a massive learning experience and even if this post benefits no-one else, it’s a way to summerize my thoughts and feelings for myself. With that being said, lets get straight into it!

I Know Nothing

Learning Laravel, MCV architecture and current security standards has been fairly overwhelming and although I have a BSc in Computer Science and have been regularly doing in my spare time, I realized straight away how under prepared this has left me for the web development workplace.

The code works, but is this the best way to do it? What are the vulnerabilities? Is this the up to date way of writing this?

These are just some the considerations I didn’t take as seriously before, forcing me to contemplate before I write a single line of code.

Even though my confidence has dropped, this is in no way meant to be a deterent for new developers entering the workplace. It’s enlightening discovering the real world process and you become even more invested than ever before.

Don’t Dismiss Old Technologies

Up until now I have been obessed in dealing with the latest and greatest technologies. The majority of my projects are built with Node, implementing any shiny new javascript package that I can.

Working has taught me to respect the older languages and technologies. The majority of clients don’t care what the hell is going on behind the scenes, they just want something that works and is still going to be working in ten years.

Just because what you are using is older doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t keeping up to date with the programming standards of today. For some reason I had never considered why these companies aren’t upgrading to this cool, new technology. Cool things are cool, but cool, weird things are risky, and why would a company invest in a risky technology.

Feel free to add your input below, I would love to hear it! Thank you all for reading.

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